Personal Development Goals With Zuri Internship

Personal Development Goals With Zuri Internship

Life as a software developer involves constant learning, as new technologies are being created and knowledge becomes outdated, you have to always be learning, as that's one sure way to grow in your career.

That's where the internship operated by Zuri comes through. HNG Internship is a long running, large scale virtual internship for people learning to code and design. It focuses on the post-training phase, and creates a virtual work environment for participants. The program is in its 8th iteration and has created world class developers as cohorts from its past years.

I applied for the internship under the backend track, my chosen stack being python for backend development, as part of my preparation for the internship , I have gone through multiple basic courses and tutorials to equip myself with the adequate knowledge to succeed.

In software development, collaboration and working with a team is key, as is the use of version control system. I have learnt the fundamentals of using git for version control from the official Atlassian archive, there's enough information there to bring anyone interested up to speed on how version control works using git.

As a backend developer, being able to interpret designs and interfaces from other squads is also important. A tool most commonly used for this is Figma, which is a prototyping tool for creating interfaces. If you want to get started in design and don't know where to start, the Figma resource page is as good as any.

Python is considered a high-level and flexible programming language that is easy to interpret, focusing on code readability. This makes developers opt for the Python programming language that can help them create top-notch applications. Python can be used not only for web development but also in many different fields (Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and the Internet of Things).

The Python ecosystem is very huge and there are lots of resources from which to learn Python to mastery level. If you choose to follow the path of web development, learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript is an absolute must. The Mozilla Developer site is the right place to get started on that Journey.

My goals and aim for joining the Zuri internship this year is to work with other developers in a fast paced environment where we build things and collaborate to achieve set goals within set deadlines, because I believe thats one way to grow as a software Developer.

This year I hope to be amongst the finalist and hopefully win the T-Shirt😃. Here's to a successful internship with Zuri💪🏽